Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Although it's been available here for a few weeks, I got my new Marsheaux CD Peekaboo today. And look at the gorgeous packaging.

The liner notes come in the form of this paper bag with holes for eyes. Cute! There's an invitation to put it on and send the pic to their MySpace, here. I haven't yet, but I am thinking of just going out in it in general. It'll go down a treat in Hoxton: "OMG! Where'd you get that hat/bag etc." I'll start my own fashion moment and then it'll be front cover of i-D magazine - finger placed over right eyehole obviously.

See here for my first posting about the Greek duo who write and produce their own stuff and a video of Hanging On where a very icy madam involved in a lesbionic story dons the Peekaboo paper bag. Here's a taster from said album!

What You Don't Like - Marsheaux (mp3)

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