Sunday, 25 March 2007

I quit

Nah, not really. But according to The Sunday Times today, the 'blog craze' is officially dead. Lindsay Lohan hasn't posted since Freaky Friday (!!??) and, despite there being a blog page, Barbara Streisand hasn't even switched on her computer and done her first one yet. Now that really IS a trend!

Apparently several hundred million blogs are being abandoned left right and centre. Hey ho.

But there was nothing in the article about how the good blogs are still, and will probably remain, standing (see right, although I'm starting to worry about lifeiscock).


xolondon said...

Oh that is absurd. The weak will fall off the cliff leaving only the hearty bigmouths, exhibitionists and needy souls like me.

Was it Joni Mitchell or Jordan who said, "While the millions of his lost and lonely ones call out and clamour to be found. Caught in their struggle for higher positions and their search for love that don't seem to cease."

Phil said...

I know. Trust The Sunday Times. It's a tabloid at heart: sensationalist and deluded. The journalists there are lazy, (I know, I've seen 'em at work). They take a statistic from the web and it becomes a bona fide story for Middle England.
BTW in the words of S Club 7: "Everybody's got something they had to leave behind..."