Saturday, 3 March 2007

Who's that girl?

Robyn @ Blow Up - Metro Club, London, 2nd March 2007
Ruddy marv! What a right old shindig it was at Metro last night. Robyn performed her little pixie boots off last night. In a venue that defines the term shoebox, she seemed bowled over by the ecstatic welcome she got, and genuinely surprised that the crowd sang back her lyrics.

Opening with Konichiwa Bitches, there was some slightly puzzling lipsynching going on, but after that everything was *phew* a genuine vocal. And for someone so 'elfin' in stature, she's got an absoulute belter of a voice live. Almost shockingly so.
After a neat little medley of Buffalo Stance and Push It she launched straight into either Who's That Girl or Cobrastyle... I'm bloody terrible at remembering the setlists! One of the highlights was a massive version of With Every Heartbeat. Even in the tiny space it sounded HUUUGE.
Robyn clearly loves her music and loves performing it, especially to such a brilliant crowd. There's a bit of a Robyn love-in going on in the UK at the moment with the repackaged Robyn album coming out on April 2nd, the Konichiwa Bitches single before that and ANOTHER gig at Cargo on the 29th March! Hoorah. I'll try and remember the setlist for that one...

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xolondon said...

Color me JEALOUS!! Thanks for the report.