Thursday, 1 March 2007

New musik...

Too many years ago to mention - I was only 10 years old - I bought my first record. If music is an important part of your life, that first choice in the record shop can be such a signifier. My hard earned 75p was spent on this cute electro pop confection: Living By Numbers by New Musik. I love the fact that I could choose a song in my tender years and then find I still like it - right down to the cheesy spoken refrain at the end: 'They don't want your name, just your number'. It only got to number 13 in 1979 so it's nice to know I was, even then, a little left of centre.

The link to the mp3 file above will only be around for a few days so HURRY!


Michael said...

Absolutely brilliant tune. Loved these boys - thought they should have been huge, and was also surprised when their singles weren't #1.

Phil said...

Totally agree... have a look at them doing their tune on Top of the Pops
Ignore the ill-informed Steve Wright at the beginning. For a DJ he's remarkably ill-informed