Thursday, 15 March 2007

The milk of human kindness...

Flicking through tonight's copy of thelondonpaper I came across this lovely letter from Gail in Surrey talking about the fabulous Beth Ditto's proposition to TopShop to design clothes for a bigger size than 16: "While it might be normal in the USA to be as wide as you are tall, in the UK the average size is a 16. If average is normal, then Topshop already caters for normal women... perhaps someone might like to persuade her to waddle over to Evans, a shop for women with "bigger bodies"."

Gail from Surrey. What. A. Cunt.

A sad woman with serious issues about weight, size and probably herself. Go get the latest copy of heat, love. There's some pictures of Vanessa Feltz and some crappy cover line about "fat celebs" to make you feel better about yourself.

"Gail! I think you dropped these 2 fingers?"

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