Friday, 23 March 2007

Songs to cry to

Without going all emo, there are certain songs that bring a tear to one's eye. Over on the wonderful XO's Middle Eight there was a link to the newly-found and equally as wonderful The Modern Music where his 'Goth Subculture Anthems' post got me RIGHT THERE!

It was *gulp* The Cocteau Twins. The jangling guitars, gorgeous chords and soaring vocals take me right back to my over-emotional teenage years, *sniff*. And while Liz Fraser sang her gobbledy gook, Robert Smith was doing the same in English.

The Cure's Head On the Door was the Goth superstar of an album that still sounds as urgent as it did 20 years ago. Sigh.

The Cocteau Twins - Lorelei (mp3 download) - from Treasure
The Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas (mp3 download) - from Heaven or Las Vegas
The Cure - A Night Like This (mp3 Download) - from Head On the Door



xolondon said...

I love Heaven Or Las Vegas - is there a remastered version? Mine is shit!

My favorite song is one I discovered on my first trip to London in 1995: Rilkean Heart.

Phil said...

Nah, Heaven or Las Vegas is one of the 'untouched'. I've seen remasters of all the others...
Rilkean Heart? Must dig that one out.