Monday, 19 March 2007

Worth a looksee

Shang-A-Lang, Chelsea Kelsey's superb blog.
The latest post, Hit Music, is his quarter-year round-up of favourite songs this year. I love the home-spun way he'll introduce a topic obviously very dear to his heart: "The weather’s been like May in London - most odd - but time's still getting on... it suddenly became a matter of the utmost urgency that I begin organising 2007’s tracks to date on iTunes and think about my favourites so far." Top tune in the Kelsey household is Read My Mind (Pet Shop Boys Stars Are Blazing Mix) – The Killers And it HAS to be the PSB version... What follows are affectionate tributes to his Top Ten so far. Have a read...

Silence is a rythmn too
Another music lover, Michael has a fabulous knack of hitting on brilliant new tunes or finding brand new mixes which change your outlook on a hitherto overlooked track. From his weekly Funky Friday set, there's a great new mix of LCD Soundsystem - Us Vs. Them by Go Home Productions which has given an ordinary (by LCD's standards) track an extraordinary makeover. GRAB IT NOW!

As ever, Simon Christmas sighs his way through another blog on the minutae of his life. This one contains his list of things to do before hitting 30 (if only!) which is all a bit samey by the looks of it. Funny as fuck.

And Happy Birthday to XOLondon. I got there 2 weeks ago... all I can say is, it took a bloody long time to get there!