Tuesday, 6 March 2007


After a hard coupla days in a new job and some nerve grinding commutes from Hackney to Wapping... 10 minutes as the crow flies but nearly an hour by foot and sodding bus through the grimy streets o' London. Something tells me I've slipped up somewhere and I'm getting my just deserts for what? I know not. I've got to do something nice now to deposit a huge wad good things into my bank of Karma so here are some tunes FOR YOU!

There's a kind of connection between them all. They're all a bit overlooked and are all covered in synths: posh ones, squidgy ones and some as big as yer 'ead. Just click on the title etc.

The Human League - You Remind Me of Gold (Instrumental Mix)

I love how The League, when Martin Rushent was producing, would always knock off another, totally different mix of A and B sides. This one is on the flip of Mirror Man and is like a dub as it starts minimally, sweeping synths come in and then it kicks of with looped vocals whipping up a right frenzy. I always used to think the girls were singing 'Jolene...'.

Marina Van Rooy - Sly One (Melbourne Mix)

G-Love was a once a month mid-week club night run by a collaboration of Liverpool dance creatives in the early 90's. It was facking marvellous; it all felt a bit illicit and wrong. This track, by Marina Van Rooy, was one of the night's classics - I love the breathy 'Oooohs'. One of the G-Lovers, Peter Coyle also wrote and produced this under his 8 Recordings banner.

All This Love (Tonite Only Mix) - The Similou

I had my doubts about this track at first but then I heard this mix and I don't even remember how the original goes now. That dirty, squelchy sequenced bass at the beginning of this mix got me hooked good and proper.

Hoxton Whores - Friday Saturday Love (Vox)

Aw. I love stomping electro stuff. This is a perfect track to take you from 'just getting into it' to, 'bloody hell, what happened there?!'. And the Hoxton Whore's house of music and mirth is just 'round the corner. We could be neighbours.


V said...

Thanks for the League's Your Remind Me.. track! I love this song and has always been one of my favorites. If you EVER come accross the original version of 'I Love You Too Much' please let me know..will ya?

They once released a grey EP which included these songs but were never released again on CD (I've heard that the EP was never supposed to come out). I do have the original version of 'You Remind Me..' which was included in a compilation, but not this version.

Phil said...

It's a mad version of 'You Remind Me' isn't it? 'I Love You Too Much' is on their 'Hysteria' album. Was the grey EP for 'The Lebanon'? Let me know if you can't find it and I'll post it...

V said...

Hi Phil,

The version of 'I Love You Too Much' you hear on Hysteria is a later version of it (with guitars). The grey EP came out back in 1983. It had extended versions of Fascination as well as You Remind Me of Gold, Mirror Man and I Love You Too Much ( al ot faster and more danceable than the Hysteria version this one being without guitars).