Saturday, 10 March 2007

Random Treats. Pt 2

This one's for Susie.
There's always a musical refrain from a favourite track that'll pop up from nowhere at any given moment. In 1993, a mate of mine introduced me to that very kind of track. One that she loved. Whenever it came on she'd go all bendy and purry like a cat on catnip. The tune was Stories and the band was Izit. We both ended up loving the tune so much that when Izit were in town (Liverpool, at the time) at a club night doing a full-on live set we were there, front row. The only thing was we were part of a 10 or so crowd in front of a band with about double that onstage. Never mind. We loved it. They loved us (whooping it up an' all) and, after much searching, here's the track...
Izit - Stories (mp3 download)

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