Sunday, 15 April 2007

Pop will eat itself

Barney! Barney! Barney! Oof! There's a spitting 'n' hissing bitch slapping going on... or is there? Lily Allen has had her knockers (fnar) in the past, but still they come. Along with Kate Nash, The Klaxons, Mr Hudson & the Library, Maccabees, Doherty and Just Jack, she's namechecked in the vare funny tune LDN IS A VICTIM which takes the piss out of the mockney masses. The title splices together Lily's LDN and Kate's Caroline is a Victim. Go to the LDN IS A VICTIM MySpace to listen to it and to start the story...

Because the people behind it are so anonymous, there's more than speculation that it's all just one big wind up. But Lily Allen does seem genuinely mad as a cat in a bag. has the gist
and Lily's (over)reaction to it and The Guardian goes into more detail. If anything, it's just funny to see someone take the piss and get a rise out of someone else. Vare British and vare Ldn.

And then, the last bon mot has to go to, The Word Editor, David Hepworth. Many a true word... Hahahahaha.

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