Saturday, 28 April 2007

Sound as a pound

I thought I had my albums of the year in Pleasure's Pleasure II and Robyn's UK re-issue but then this one sneaks up and bites me on the bum - which ain't pretty let me tells ya! I know there's been loads of waffle an' t'ing about this forthcoming album, and because of who it was I clicked right past. But then. Over on SIART (bless 'im) there was a taster of this album in his regular Funky Friday giveaway:

Can you believe it? Drop That Thing got me searching for more of Groove Armada's Soundboy Rocks. Available on pre-order here (released May 7th). Although their track from ages ago My Friend is one of my favourite songs in a top 2,000 of favourite songs, it was still a one hit wonder in my eyes. I can't stand Superstylin' and the car ad one is akin to being continually poked with a shitty stick.

I've always fancied the one on the right, ack-chew-ally.

Try this track below and you'll see what I mean. It's a clever mix of Europop and dub. It follows the dub rules of building layer upon layer of sound (the beat doesn't even kick in until nearly a minute) but it has a killer Europop type chorus with synth washes any Swedish pop star would die for.

Lightsonic - Groove Armada
(mp3 download)

And this one is like Human League doing hip hop. Imagine! GEN-IUS!

The Girls Say - Groove Armada (mp3 download)

And over at the Groove Armada website there is a track called Paris that a certain someone will go moist for because of the gorgeous strings.


DanProject76 said...

It's a small world. I was listening to this album when I visited your blog. I like the album too and have been annoying myself with endless playing out Out Of Cotrol for the last few weeks.

The album is like a better version of Basement Jaxx. Or something.

xolondon said...

Thanks for the recommendation - you are RIGHT. I do think "Paris" is really good. It could be even better if it was abit more of a SONG, but that is not what their thing is.

Makes me think that more producing will be their ticket in the future.

Phil said...

Dan, I love coincidences like that. I get the worst variety at work: I'll have a picture of, say Avril Lavigne on my computer and then she comes on the radio. Hideous. And ANYTHING is better than Basement Jaxx at the mo'.

XO, I still can't believe how much I like this album seeing as how their earlier stuff bugged me. I'm a bit of a dancebod, so the non-song thing is fine by me.

Jams said...

I've always fancied the one on the left. In fact, moreso now I've seen a picture of him with spunk splattered across his chest.

Phil said...

Jams: hahahahaha the thought occured to me too!