Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Un oeuf is un oeuf!

That's it then, Easter's over. It's been a fabulous four day break, now fuck off back to work, you shysters!

I love Easter. It's the first big holiday to loosen those valves after Christmas and the first real Bank Holiday Weekend of the year. No one really knows what to do with it though. If the weather's fantastic - like it was in London - everyone walks around with a gormless smile on their blessed chops going "This is great. And we do what?". And the parks? Full of people getting into breathing difficulties trying out the 'spring air'.

No one's really got their act together wardrobe-wise. Last year's spring/summer stuff gets an airing but looks very out of place with the black skinnies and black bomber jackets. But for those brave enough to show a bit of flesh, a medal and a little tip: the purple-veined Pete Doherty look isn't going to take off.

Anyhoo, along with the warmer weather (we're currently basking in 20 degree Cs of sunnyshine) here's a few NEW TUNES currently tickling my iPod.

Rapture - Dub Pistols Feat. Terry Hall (mp3)
Yes! THE Terry Hall of The Colourfield fame! And, er, smaller bands like The Specials and Funboy Three. Alongside the stoner's favourite dubmeister, Barry Ashworth, Terry does a very languid, gorgeous (and funny) version of the Blondie classic.

Sorry - Kaskade (mp3)
I love the heart-felt melody in this sweepy dance track from the American DJ/Producer (aka Ryan Raddon). The Bold and Beautiful!

Just Hold Me - Maria Mena (mp3)
She's from Norway and she's only 21! Gulp. I love the fractured vocals and strings going ninety to the dozen.

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