Saturday, 21 April 2007

Amy, you got mail...

LOVE this pic of La Winehouse: the skanky borstal tattoo, the yellow bra and the look on hers and the postman's faces as she peeps out from behind her ex-local authority flat door. My guess is that the package is a Charlotte Church promo.

Whilst I'm not a fan of her musique, I love her personality and larger than life hairdon't. Even before the 'hive, when the Frank album launched her, I would avidly lap up any TV appearance, mag interview or radio gig. And still her circus keeps on going; the London papers were full of her shenanigans before and during her gig the Dublin Castle as part of the Camden Crawl.


Tricky said...

I think this could easily be one of the photos of the year, mainly because she is doing chores round the house with the beehive (which I had totally assumed was a hairpiece). I like her even more that she is living the dissolute soul diva lifestyle 24-7.

And Phil, love, you should try doing what I did this morning: listening to 'Back to Black' while hungover brings it to a completely new dimension.

Phil said...

I should have another go at Amy. But, honestly, I think she's a bit of an accquired taste. My mam likes her! She bought Frank at Fopp in Camden for £3! hahaha