Sunday, 15 April 2007

Electro dreams

Aaaah, the sharp, ice cool taste of electro; served chilled to the bone with a dash of clipped accent and slice of Euro women.


The UK threesome have been ploughing their pure electro furrow for a while now, and most gorgeous readers of this blog will own and cherish most of their songs. One little fact that I was unaware of until doing this post is that Emily Strange (Client E), on the left, was a contestant on Make Me A Supermodel. Rachel Hunter: "Emily, I'm sorry. We can't make you a supermodel. Please leave the house... and go and do something more worthwhile like join Client". The new album Heartland has been put back a month and is now out on 30th April. Here's a little taster from it:

Lights Go Out - Client (mp3)

This Greek duo I found at Secrets Online, the Human League forum and over on their Myspace there's a freedownload of their cover of The League's Empire State Human. Marsheux have a real affection for the genre, and the new stuff is a strong progression from the excellent first album Ebay Queen (2004). Here's a song from then:

Computer Love - Marsheaux (mp3)

And here's their latest track Hanging On.

I love the 'lady love' story and the cool feel to the vid. They're popular enough in Greece, but I really hope they make their mark internationally with this new album Peekaboo. There's a really sweet cover of one of my favourite New Order songs Regret, on there. Buy it here and hear streaming tracks.


I love this line from her biog: "She locked herself in a studio and fell in love with synthesizer sounds". It conjures up images of Karin going all purry in a tiny studio over a fat juicy bass and razor sharp chords. I love the Bjorkian pic above: being attacked by the three 'mice' whilst doing her coloureds wash. Mad as a hatstand. Here's a gorgeously atmospheric track which reminds me of early Human League...

Klaustrofobi - Karin Strom (mp3)


HotstuffFiles said...

Hello Phil,

I am loving the blog - and your love of Client. Are you in London? If so - I'm giving away some tickets to seem 'em on my blog, so, if you are interested...

Phil said...

Does the pope shit in the woods? Yes, I'm in London and yes I'd love some tickets. Two, please! I'll email ya.

Tricky said...


That Client track is amazing. I realise I have it from the PJ album, but as a huge Dubstar fan, to hear Sarah Blackwood's vocals again properly over a thrubbing disco beat is just pure catnip.