Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Buffalo Mozzarella Stance

So, one of my favourite popsters has a legit job on telly. Neneh Cherry's doing a cookery programme! There's no measuring or timing of the food, more the licking of spoons and fingers with loads of "Ooohs" and "Aaaahs", but at least on Neneh and Andi Dish It Up it looks authentic. She and Andi Oliver, (they met in Rip, Rig and Panic and Andi is a BBC London stalwart) have an easy on-screen thang going on and they do genuinely know their onions, but if I see one more London market portrayed as THE place to get PROPER food where EVERYONE is as chirpy as a sparrow on heat, I'll have to stick a pinapple up my arse AND enjoy it.

This week's show they cooked up a very tasty looking roasted garlic chicken (with blood red oranges and cheapo champagne no less), shrimp fritters and coconut ice-cream... for 25. 25? 25!!?? I know they've both got loads of friends but that was reeedickulous. Who, for a start, has oven space for 7 whole chickens. Like I said earlier, it 'looks' authentic.

BTW. I did enjoy the show!!

Here's a lovely Neneh track from her man-baiting album, Man, from a few years ago:
Feel It - Neneh Cherry (mp3)
Although these days, the only 'feeling it' will be the feeling of potatoes down at Borough Farmer's Market.


Tricky said...

I saw this last night and thought that the whole thing had a curiously ad hoc feel to it. I thought that Andi kept doing her best Delia impersonation, while Neneh, so used to the trick of the famous person and avoiding people's eyes in the street, did the same to the camera.

And would it have killed her to do a burst of 'Woman' at the end for the Mother's birthday?

Phil said...

I loved the ending though. Nimble-footed Andi's 70 yr old mum jumping and a jigging away to the disco.

It had the feel of the other Oliver's Naked Chef show (but with real firends instead of fake ones).

loobylou said...

So did Miquita turn up for some of her grandma's garlic chicken then?

Phil said...

No, Miquita was too busy snorting coke in some dive in Hoxton. As I imagine she would.

xolondon said...

I love Neneh, but I'd rawwwther she be cooking a new album.

Phil said...

XO, she's busy with her band Cirkus, who have new material coming out etc. But it's a bit shit, really.

DanProject76 said...

Cirkus is a bit ropey but it's better than Starving Souls (or whatever it's called) which was the pre-Cirkus thing.

Phil said...

Agreed! But there's a fab track I found on SIART by a band called Teddybears she sings on. The lyrics are vare funny.