Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Lisa I'Anson gets Street-Portered

Deadline - ITV 2

I facking love this show. In another pop will eat itself moment, a bunch of celebs are given a celeb mag to produce - being given away by Closer - and edited by Janet "FACK ORF" Street-Porter. At last, the great JSP has been given the TV platform she needed to show off those coarse and verbose, gutteral pronouncements.

In this clip she sacks the stroppy one. Now. Lisa I'Anson. What is the point of this woman? She is 'friends' to everyone and more than likely a friend of no one. She's a selfish, self-obsessed conniving cow - I hold no punches here. Her passive aggressiveness is quite transparent in this clip: "Yeah darling, I agree. I thought I had changed, but..." but when none of it washes, watch her real self come out at the very end: "The rest of ya can FUCK OFF!" She's lovely she is.

I love JSP's parting flea in Lisa's ear: "You are a bullshit artist, now get out of here."

Cue applause.


Tricky said...

Ooh, do you remember when Lisa I'Anson was a Radio 1 DJ? She was terrible!. Even Emma Freud was more listenable.

You can see in an instant why the PSB are her best friends. She must be a delight at a dinner party.

Phil said...

Lisa Whassername was AWFUL. It was 'old school this' and 'old school that' and first trip to Ibiza with Radio 1 and she gets drug fucked and doesn't turn up for her own show! Crap.

JSP. Would. Love. To. Meet. Her!

HotstuffFiles said...

I just love this show.

End. Of.

J'ason D'luv said...

JSP is so funny when she turns up in the Pet Shop Boys' mythos, like the Literally and Vs. America books...

Is that the same narrator broad from last year's (Pete Burns) Celeb Big Brother?

Phil said...

I don't know remember a female Narrator for Celeb Big Bro, but, yeah, the stories of JSP are legendary and many.

I'm doing a round up of JSP stories for a future post, a couple of which are from friends who met her. Priceless!