Friday, 6 April 2007

No apologies

A huge heads up to Mr Jason D'Luv on Chart Rigger for the report on Timbaland's new album Shock Value. I doubt I would have gone to iTunes to have a listen had it not been for his posting. And I doubt I would have heard the Apologize track until it was played on the radio or TV or something.

What is it about certain songs that grab you straight away and you KNOW they will be a favourite for years to come? If I had the answer, I'd be banging my own versions out every week.

Anyhoo, a band I know nothing about, OneRepublic wrote this track with Timbaland, and, U2 pretensions aside, have produced a gorgeous anthemic sound with a pop spin. And without demeaning Apologize it actually wouldn't sound amiss in boyband V's repertoire.

This track will probably be a single, so enjoy it before it's played to within an inch of its life! And for the pedantic amongst us, it's Apologise with an 's'.

Apologize - Timbaland feat. OneRepublic (mp3)
Indestructable - V (mp3)


J'ason D'luv said...

Sounds like you had the same reaction I had when I heard it... in fact, that's the song that sold me on the entire album! I'm glad I stumbled on it...

Phil said...

Too right. And I'm not wrong in thinking there's something very boyband about this track. Which in this case, is a GOOD thing.